As Fresh Camel Milk Powder 100gm ( Freeze Dried, Gluten Free, No Additives, No Preservatives)

As Fresh Camel Milk Powder 100gm ( Freeze Dried, Gluten Free, No Additives, No Preservatives)

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  • All Natural, Gluten Free, No Preservative, 100% Pure, Freeze Dried
  • Made from fresh pasteurized camel milk. Processed in-house in state of art freeze drying plant.
  • Research indicates that camel milk contains natural insulin. Ideal for diabetics. Aids gut healing and reduces hyper activity. Aids height growth.
  • Rich source of Vitamin, Calcium, Iron and Proteins.
  • Processed in FSSAI and USFDA registered facility

Freeze dried camel milk powder is a rich source of nutrients. As Fresh freeze dried camel milk powder is made from pure and fresh RAW camel milk sourced directly from select camel breeders in Gujarat and Rajasthan. We work closely with selected camel breeders to ensure that the highest quality of camel milk is delivered. Freeze dried powder is 100 percent natural and keeps the nutritional value of pure camel milk intact. It is easy to store and handle. Camel milk is richer than cow's milk in calcium, iron and vitamin C. Research findings available on internet shows that camel milk is good for fitness freaks, mom to be and kids. It is also known to aid in height growth. It benefits people suffering from : Autism. It helps in gut healing, reducing hyperactivity and improved behaviour. Diabetes:Camel Milk Contains natural insulin which aids in sugar control.Camel milk is also known to enhance sexual drive and potency among male individuals.It is also known to help people with lactose and gluten Intolerance. Food lovers and chefs have also experimented with it for making custard, tofu, sweets and a variety of desserts. Why As Fresh? •India’s only fully integrated freeze dried camel milk powder manufacturing company.Sourcing-Processing-Manufacturing-Marketing is done in-house. •Our Camel Milk Powder is 100% pure and natural as we do not add any preservatives or additives to the product. •Manufactured in FSSAI and US FDA registered facility.

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