As Fresh Freeze Dried Goat Milk Powder, 40gm

As Fresh Freeze Dried Goat Milk Powder, 40gm

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Goat milk helps in increased ability to metabolize iron and copper, effectively helping people with digestion and gut issue.Goat milk resembles closely to human breast milk and hence making it easy to digest and assimilate in human body. Goat milk has smaller fat molecules as compared to regular cow and buffalo milk and this is also a key reason as to why it is easily digested by human body. In naturopathic science, goat is referred as bio-organic sodium animal. Bio-organic sodium plays a key role in maintaining joint health.Goats milk contain selenium,an essential trace mineral that supports the immune system. As Fresh freeze dried goat milk is manufactured in-house in state of art freeze drying facility of DNS Global Foods. Freeze Drying ensures that nutrient value of the product remains intact as the entire processing happens under sub zero temperatures.As Fresh freeze dried goat milk powder is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration. Much Like camel milk, goat milk is also naturally gluten free. Goat Milk is an excellent skin nourisher and is widely used in making soaps,shampoo and skin care essentials.It is also beneficial for pets as it is easily digestible and can be provided as pet food or pet nutrition supplement

Goat milk powder is also used in cosmetic applications in making soap bases, skin creams, hair conditioners and is a perfect product to make your skin healthy and smooth.

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