Customer Testimonials

M & B Retail, South Africa

Compliments to DNS Global Foods for launching AsFrsh camel milk powder. Now we offer As Fresh freeze dried camel milk powder and AsFrsh camel milk powder to our customers. Customers simply love your products. A big thumbs up to our partnership.

Gopal prasad, Bangalore

DNS Global foods is simply excellent in terms of quality punctuality and honest to the core

Sneha, Indore

We are ingredients supplier to food and cosmetic industry . We source raw camel milk powder and raw goat milk powder from DNS Global Foods. Raw camel milk powder and raw goat milk powder is in huge demand by our customers for DIY cosmetic kits. We love the product quality and the prices at which DNS Global Foods has been providing us these products.

Vidhush, Bokaro

Best camel milk product and superfast execution is how I will describe the team at DNS Global Foods. I placed the order for 200 gm camel milk powder after having a quick whatsapp chat with customer service team .My order was placed in the morning at 10 a.m. By 10:08, I received the tracking number with expected delivery date. Will recommend the product of DNS Global Foods to any one who is looking for reliable brand and quick delivery of camel milk powder in India

Kunal, USA

DNS Rocks !! We were looking for a reliable freeze dried meals manufacturer for our new range of special diet products. Though our searches led us to a few freeze dried players in India but none of them were able to offer us end to end solution for our requirements. DNS Global Foods offered us everything from manufacturing to final packaging to logistics at our sales warehouses so that we could focus on our core-Develop recipes and sell. Undoubtedly, I will recommend DNS Global Foods for freeze dried meals partner for brands and companies looking to source their requirements from India.

Miraj Personal Care , Dubai

We are a regular buyer of goat milk powder, camel milk powder and donkey milk powder for our exotic range of personal care products like hand lotions, whitening creams, hair conditioners, soap bases from DNS Global Foods. We love the quality and commitment that we get from the team.The best part is that they offer complete flexibility in terms of products that they offer to their clients. Initially, we started procuring pasteurized and freeze dried camel milk, goat milk and donkey milk. Now we have moved to RAW and freeze dried Camel milk, RAW goat milk and RAW Donkey milk.We very happily surprised that the team was able to offer to offer us RAW and freeze dried powders for our requirements.

Sheing Health Product, Thailand

We source freeze dried goat milk, camel milk, colostrum and A2 cow milk from DNS Global Foods. We searched a lot in India about companies who are manufacturing all or any of these products. But what we got were a handful of companies which trades (not manufacture) either of these and that too not competitively priced.We get a good price from DNS Global Foods and are happy with the quality.

Vikas Chandani, Mumbai, Dubai

We buy freeze dried camel milk powder and freeze dried vegetables from DNS Global Foods.It has a good market acceptance in gulf states. The price offered is reasonable and customers like the fact that we are able to offer freeze dried camel milk powder in middle east at the price of spray dried milk powder.

Zikri, KL, Malaysia

DNS Global Foods and As Fresh good company in India.Good people.Good product.Best camel milk powder.We order 80 kg and all sold.Ordered again

Benjamin, Philippines

All roads for camel milk powder in India leads to DNS Global Foods. We sourced camel milk powder from different players (most of them including a large brand were later found to be traders) and then realised that they had no control either on the collection or on the processing or packaging. We met DNS Global Foods and quickly realised that this is the company to go for camel milk powder if we need a solid backend partner to support our growth in Philippines and south east markets.They have a small team of 15 odd people but very well connected with camel breeders.The technical guys including the founders know the smallest of the details about freeze drying and camel milk.The only problem is that the company is low profile and hence they were not the first we had approached. We are very satisfied with them.

Arun Kumar, Chennai

This cow coloustrum is good with igg at 35. The 1gg factor if it is 45 plus it would have been the super supplement. T his one is the best I have come across in the Indian market and the technology this company as adopted is the best . The powder just dissolves in the water very fast which is good.When I tried the colostrum of other company also they used the sun dry method which takes time to dissolve.

Sasha, California

If you are looking to source freeze dried products from India, look no further !! More often than not, DNS Global Foods will be able to meet your requirements and expectations.

Jack, Pretoria

We source freeze dried pomegranates from DNS Global Foods for our range of flavoured tequila shots. Love the quality, texture and delivery promise that DNS Global Foods sticks to.

Rosario, Atlanta

We source freeze dried tender coconut water from DNS Global Foods for our range of instant re-hydration products.We were skeptical in sourcing this product from India.However, DNS Global Foods persisted with us to try their product.We started it with 20 Kg initially and now we source more than 100 Kg at one go from them. Dont go anywhere if you are looking for quality freeze dried products.These guys know their stuff well !!

Ekta, New Jersey

We source freeze dried Indian meals for Indian diaspora in US and UK.We love the quality and delivery promise DNS Global Foods adheres to.They will give you the best prices at one go. Recommended for anyone looking to procure freeze dried meals.